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charges have not yet been filed against that driver. a d.c. police officer investigating the hit-and-run was also hit by car. that driver remained on the scene and he or she is now facing dui charges. the officer is expected to recover. horrible story. 4:30 now. tom, we had a lot of rain yesterday. i wonder if we're drying out today. >> thankfully we escaped the severe weather. there was a little bit of tree damage in calvert county. it was a wet and much cooler overnight pattern that moved on in and hello march, good morning, happy march. we're starting off with cold temperatures. near freezing. many locations just north and west of washington, low 30s. mid-30s in washington, prince george's county. southern maryland right near the chesapeake bay upper 40s. below freezing in the mountains. most locations in thor 20s. look at the wind chills. the winds are gusting to 20 to 25 miles per hour. wind chills down in the mid-20s. off to a cold start.
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yesterday we got into the 70s. what a change overnight as we cleared out now and under this year sky we'll have our temperatures remaining in the 30s through much of the morning. by noon time should be in the 40s and these breezes we have with us now will settle down. bright sunshine throughout the day and by mid-afternoon peak briefly in the upper 40s. 5:00 back down to the mid-40s with a bright and sunny afternoon. a look at tonight's forecast. it will be cold again. i'll tell you how cold it will get. that comes up at 4:41. let's check on our traffic. a >> we're starting out with a big issue in the district. 3rd street tunnel. an accident has traffic blocked. traffic will be detoured to 4th street. no big surprises along 95. we're in great shape there. along route 1 no problems to
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report. back to you. the u.s. military is moving naval and air forces closer to libya as the crisis intensifies. the pentagon didn't specific what military actions are taking place in the mediterranean sea. the move comes as foreign leaders consider imposing a no fly zone over libya. allies stepped up travel and sanctions against libya and moammar gadhafi. foreign leaders want the dictator to stop attacks against protesters and to step down after his 42 years in power. global markets will be watching trading in cairo as the egypt stock exchange reopens. some want it to stay closed. these protesters worried that egypt as financial market might collapse if it reopens in an unstable region or government there. analysts are bracing for a possible selloff of risky shares. financial regulators say they plan to suspended trading if
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bench marks drop. to the showdown on capitol hill. the house plans to vote on ooh two week extoengs deep government working while lawmakers battle the bigger budget for the rest the year. under the republican proposal federal agencies would be funded through march 18th while cutting $4 billion but lawmakers need to act quickly. the short term deal needs to be passed by friday or the federal government will shut down. today is the deadline for wisconsin state senate democrats to return to table. the governor of wisconsin has threatened to send layoff notices if they don't. republican governor scott walker is expected to release his complete two year budget. he's cutting 9 million from education aid. he's tried to close a $3.6 billion short fall. the most controversial aspect would take away union bargaining rights. it also sparked thousands to protest the state capital.
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a new poll shows americans favor unions in a margin of 2-1. d.c. officials may have broken through by providing council chairman with a fully loaded lincoln navigator. the district actually leased two luxury vehicles for kwame me brown. the first had the wrong interior so a second was order. a new report by council member find these leases violate a 2002 law. it states only suvs -- that suvs may only be used by police, emergency or public safety personnel. >> we're going to straight enthis out and the d.c. government can straighten it out. >> we'll look at every vehicle. we got a list of them. i saw a list. i've asked to take an intensive look at this along with the department of public works director. >> brown declined to meet with reporters. he did, however, issued a brief statement saying the issue needs
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to be resolved. a high-profile northern virginia political figure is putting rumors to rest. corey stewart tells news 4 he'll seek re-election later this year. there was a lot of speculation he might run for the u.s. senate seat being vacated by jim webb. he said those plans are being put on the back burner. this morning loudoun county police need your help locating a woman who has been missing for a month. 21 bethany decker was seen on january 29th. her family reported her missing after they weren't able to get in contact with her. her husband is in the military and left for afghanistan in january around the same time she went missing. she's also believed to be about five months pregnant. anyone with information about her whereabouts should call police. 4:35 is the time. treasury secretary, timothy geithner is pushing for an
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overhaul of the housing market. he's scheduled to testify on capitol hill. he said the bam administration wants to reduce the federal role in housing, particularly with fannie mae and freddie mac. they own just about half of all mortgages. taxpayer money kept both from collapsing in 2008. he's scheduled to speak at 10:00 this morning. federal reserve chairman ben bern will give his economic outlook report today. he'll likely face tough questions from congress about rising gas lynn prices, faster inflation and higher unemployment. bernanke will testify before the senate banking committee today. then the house financial services committee tomorrow. today maryland could take a critical step towards becoming the be sixth street to legalize gay marriage. it's set to vote on the bill today. if the measures makes it out of committee it could come up for a final vote on thursday. the senate voted to approve the
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bill last week. the governor said he would sign the bill. it's now 4:36. 36 degrees. ahead, at home with charlie sheen. the unusual relationship he has with two women he calls his goddesses. godd[ son ] my parents always lived in the states,
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welcome back. people in the midwest are cleaning up from wicked weather,
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a tornado touched down in south central indiana causing serious damage. the f-2 twister packed 120 mile-per-hour winds and left a path of destruction. several homes and cars were destroyed by the storm. so far there have been no reports of serious injuries. wild weather down there. let's go to tom. he's joined us here in the studio to talk about this, the very first day of meteorological spring. >> that was the same front that hit indiana hit us yesterday. and thankfully it did weaken by the time it got here but we had temperatures soaring in the 70s and some of those gusty winds and those storms come through. and they weakened those. they passed through the region but gave us two-thirds of an inch of rain. it's turned much colder overnight. at or below freezing in many locations west of interstate 95 and right near i-95 and points south and east in the mid-pose year 40 by the bay. wind chills in the mid-20s with
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winds gusting 20 to 25 miles per hour. that's what's been happening in the last 24 hours. the storm system clearing off to the coast. by 9:00 in the upper 30s but a blustery wind. wind chills in the 20s. bright and sunny day and blue sky will climb to the mid-to-upper 40s with a diminishing wind. here's your night planner forecast for this evening. it will be clear and turning cold again by midnight. we'll be right back down into the mid-to-upper 30s and then by dawn tomorrow near freezing again as we start off wednesday morning. a look at wednesday, thursday, friday and weekend and a peek at next week at 4:51. ashley, good morning. how is traffic? >> we're starting off with an issue. if you're trying to get out of the district you can't do so via the 3rd street tunnel. you can't access the tunnel via massachusetts. this is an ongoing accident investigation.
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they are going there a little while. police are blocking your access to tunnel. a very quiet greets you on the capital beltway. those taillights continue up to college park with very little issue. no major problems to report on 270. we're starting off quietly there as well. no problems on the beltway. back to you. 4:42 is the time. still to come how a good samaritan became a victim on the metro. >> the malfunction that caused an escalate tore to start smoke. >> meet charlie's's angels. the two women 4:44.
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one day after his first on air interview since his show was cancelled charlie sheen's publicist called it quits.
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he released a statement that says in part i have worked with charlie sheen for a long time and i care about him very much. however at this time i'm unable to work effectively as his publicist and have respectively resigned. sheen, however, is not finished speaking his mind and this morning "the today show" jeff rosen will have a part two of an interview with sheen and this time sheen will be joined by his two live-in girlfriends whom we calls the godess. >> he calls you the godess. >> why? it seems complimentary. >> it could be worse. >> you can catch the entire interview with charlie sheen later this morning on "the today show". 4:45. happening today a federal panel will investigate a deadly national gas explosion. remember when a pipeline exploded killing eight people in
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san francisco last fall. the national transportation safety board is holding a three day fact finding hearing. investigators have not determined the cause of that blast. but they are looking into the possibility that gas pressure was too high for that pipeline. new today we learned of more arrests in the shooting death of a federal agent in mexico. immigration and custom enforcement agent was shot and killed in mexico last month. agents arrested three people during raids yesterday in a dallas suburb. investigators trace ad gun used in the shooting to a texas man. today metro will try to repyre an case lay tore that began smoking. firefighters shut it down when they arrived and a metro spokesperson said they found the smoke was coming from t' escala
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motor. >> a good samaritan is attacked. a man named robert joy was waiting for his niece last friday evening when he saw about 15 teenagers all dressed in black kicking another teenager. a woman rushed over and asked him to call police. he started walking towards the group about to report the attack when the gang of teens actually turned on him. >> it's a tragedy. i mean innocent people to get attacked in the subway. i'm not going to ride the subway. not even metrobus. >> not any more? >> no. i'll be safer in a cab. >> joy lost his two front teeth and had to get six stitches inside his mouth and two outside after he was pushed to the ground and kicked by the mob. 4:47. more than 1600 nurses are threatening to walk off the job by the end of the week. the labor group national nurses
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united is trying to negotiate a deal with washington hospital center. nurses are trying to avoid salary cuts. washington hospital center said it will remain opened and fundamentally staffed if nurses go on strike. two days before their collective bargaining agreement expires nfl players and owners are taking another crack. they have until midnight on thursday to agree to new terms. they will meet today with a federal mediator. trying to split up the $9 million in revenue and address tissue of an 18 game season and healthcare for retired players. if a new deal isn't reached by the deadline players expect owners to lock them out for the 2011 season. he done want to take a pay cut and doesn't don't a back up. unfortunately for clinton portis that means his time in d.c. is over. he's looking for a new team. but not before reflecting the
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past years he's spent with the burgundy and gold. >> i'll miss the time that made me grow up, the time that made me realize how special it was to put on that uniform. to see the love from the fans and the appreciation of the city to have a winner and knowing i was a part of that. >> portis also said he realizes the league is making a shift to a two back system. but that he always wants to be seen as the number one running back on the team. the challenges are hoping to add a long time veteran to the roster will improve their game. they gained jason arnotte. he played for the nhl for 19 years. in 2000 he scored the game winning goal in double overtime to help the devils win the
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stanley cup. job seeker t.j. maxx is hiring. today is the first of a three day job fair. it's happening in the 4,000 block of minnesota avenue northeast from 10:00 to 2:00. t.j. maxx is looking to fulfill and part time position. some of the positions are finance administration coordinator. back room coordinator. customer service coordinator. merchandise coordinator and merchandise associates. it's now 4:50. we're taking a live look outside now. 37 degrees. a chilly start and the winds making it feel even colder. tom is they're tell us more about the forecast. >> the calendar says march but still feels winter. big change from yesterday. we think it 70s yesterday. now we're down to the 30s in many locations. below freezing northwest of washington. reagan national 35. out at dulles 33. andrews air force base, prince george's county at 36. in southern maryland, it's in
4:51 am
the upper 30s. right near the bay near 40. farther to our west and north loudoun county and frederick county, maryland and frederick county, virginia temperatures are right near the freezing mark as well as points waechbt north. these are the wind chills. winds gusting to around 020 miles per hour, 25 miles per hour. so it feels even colder. right down into the mid-20s. you need your winter gear on this tuesday morning. right now out of the mountains below freezing, most locations there in the 20s. southern virginia, little part of the eastern shore, around tide water in the upper 30s. we saw the storm system come on through with the rain, wind, lightning and thunder now it's gone. high pressure moving in giving us a clear sky and a settled pattern today. beautiful view there of the washington monument under this clear sky. you can see the atmosphere has cleared out a lot. we dried out. by 9:00 bright and sunny and a bit breezy still with temperatures in the upper 30s. by noon time we should make it
4:52 am
into the 40 pz. mid-afternoon temperatures in the upper 40s with diminishing wind. by 5:00 down into the mid-40s. overnight tonight it should be clear and getting cold again. by late evening we'll be right back down in the 30s. by dawn near 30 degrees as we start off wednesday morning under a clear sky. now tomorrow we'll have a bit of a warm up with a southwesterly breeze in the morning. we should make it in the mid-50s by early afternoon. winds shift to the north and west bringing in colder weather again wednesday night into thursday morning. into the 20s. many locations on thursday morning. thursday afternoon with mostly sunny sky we should make it up near 40 degrees. bit milder on friday still chilly in the morning near 30, afternoon highs near 50 with quite a bit of cloudiness around. here's a look at the weekend. saturday looking mostly cloudy with highs in the mid-50 possibility of rain last
4:53 am
saturday night. partly cloudy. you can follow my forecast on twitter. let's check traffic this morning. ashley, how is it looking? >> we're starting off with breaking news for your early morning commute. no access to the southbound 3rd street tunnel after new york avenue a serious accident investigation continues that hour blocking your access to the tunnel. you're forced on to 4th street. this is a live view. nobody is getting through there. elsewhere around the region we're in pretty good shape. 395 no problems. we have reports of one disabled at the pentagon. that's over on the shoulder. 66 inside the beltway here's the pace over the top of spout run. those head lights are continuing into town. oust maryland a quiet commute along georgia. head lights traveling southbound on georgia. 410 at grub is wide-open. 270 no problems the report and bw parkway a clear commute to start off your early morning.
4:54 am
back to you. 4:53 is your time. 37 degrees. coming up the restaurant that's giving away free breakfast and what they are asking you to give back in return. >> who may need to catch a bus to the doctor. the local measles scare extends beyond two airports. a3q
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with the money you invest in clothes, why risk they'll end up faded or stretched ? try woolite. woolite isn't just for your delicates. it's for all your clothes. with woolite complete you can wash everything because it has the right balance of cleaning and care. and say goodbye to fading, shrinking and stretching. woolite complete keeps all your clothes looking like new, longer. visit to print your high value woolite coupon.
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welcome back. 4:56 from earth to outer space, today astronauts will install a
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new storage room on the international space station. it includes a humanoid robot and supplies. space shuttle "discovery" will stay an extra day in space and return to earth tuesday. check out this video, a passenger aboard a flight took this photo showing "discovery's" launch. it has quickly turned viral on the internet the flight from orlando to richmond was running late and that's the reason they have this amazing view. very cool. we have an important health alert for you this morning. officials are trying to locate people who may have come in contact with a person infected with measles. anyone who visited dulles airport, rode a certain metrobus or ate at one fast food restaurant. craig melvin tells us who might be affected. >> reporter: health officials say the person landed at dulles airport and exposed people to
4:58 am
measles between february 21st and february 22nd. the only exposure in washington, d.c. happened february 21st. if you took the d1 or d6 bus or the s2 or s2 bus to georgetown mau may have been exposed. if you were at this pot belly on february 21st. >> if you were in one much these locations at this particular time then you should go see your healthcare provider. if you do get sick just stay home. >> reporter: meets s >> reporter: measles is highly contagious. the disease is more severe in infants and adults than children. here's a look at some of the symptoms. high fever. fatigue or a cough that won't go away or a runny nose. if infected you get a rash like this. if you're one of the overwhelming majority who has gotten the measles vaccination,
4:59 am
you're okay. >> only those people who have not any immunization is who we're concerned about. >> reporter: health officials have received no complaints that are worried they may be affected. this will not resemble the measles outbreak of april of '09. from northwest, craig melvin, "news4 today". >> flap jacques, hot cakes, pancakes, whatever you call them, they are free all day today at ihop. the national restaurant chain is collective bargainingating its national pancake day. in exchange for free pancakes ihop is encouraging to you make a donation to various charities across the country. here in the region money collected will go the leukemia

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